Is it just me or is every other person on the web an SEO expert. Well, speaking of strange things to eat I just can’t swallow that. Every once in a while some crazy trend seems to take over, especially online.

I guess it’s just the fickle nature of the online world. Everything you want to know or see or eat for that matter is available online.

But some trends just seem to really get out of hand. For example speaking of this SEO thing it even seems to extend into one of the places I thought it was sacred on the web. LinkedIn. It seems every other person on my LinkedIn newsfeed is one of these SEO practitioners.

On top of that, I’m getting offers from all over the world in my inbox every day from some guru who says he can get me on page one of Google.

Like I always say “ I just can’t swallow that ”. Let’s face it not everyone can be on page 1 of Google. The math just doesn’t work. Sure somebody’s got to be on page 1 that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be mean my little blog.

So after 100+ offers I decided to investigate what the big deal was about this online phenomenon. So I picked somebody at random from my LinkedIn feed that I had consistently seen and decided to do a bit of investigation. For some reason this fella stood out because he had a picture of brick wall behind his head. I don’t know why it just stood out of my mind for some reason.

This guys company name is  Green Genie SEO. I read a bunch of the ad copy on his website and it seemed okay and actually made a fair amount of sense. He talked about Google and how search engines work which was something I never really thought about much before. Sure, I look up my website once in a while for search terms, of course, I never find myself anywhere ranking for anything significant.

But then again, I’m one of those bloggers that falls into the category of not really giving a shit. I just get bored and Have a fascination with stupid things like people eating bicycles and elephants and stupid junk like that.

So I love spending a lot of time on some strange websites with some morbid material on them looking for ideas. Intercourse in the process of doing so I and up stumbling onto a lot of trending items such as is the topic of this article.

The more time you spend online just looking around the more you end up noticing trends. This search engine optimization trend is super hot right now. Turns out there are a lot of courses being taught online to help people learn how to improve this skill.

These courses vary in price from free to over $10,000. I’m sure you get what you pay for. Ther’s a  cast of characters on YouTube giving out free information on SEO. Guys like Lazy Ass Stoner, Alex Becker, Mike Long and Tai Lopez. Most of it strikes me as being lead into some sort of sales funnel but without having a firm understanding of the subject so if it seems like pretty useful information being given out for free.

Of course, I have no way to judge it because I have a minimal understanding of the subject. So these guys can tell me just about anything and it would be difficult for me to sort it out for fact or fiction.

One thing I did learn that seems to be a consistent theme with all these guys is back links. You got to get tons of back links. And theres 1000 ways to get back links too. Blogging and talking to other people buying them I guess. Back links, back links, back links.

Hey. I spent a fair amount of time at my computer but I get the sense that these guys never leave their computer. When you listen to their suggestions seems like full-time job to me. Which makes me think that maybe this trend isn’t so silly after all. Let’s face it we all live in a pretty myopic world and don’t really understand what’s going on in other peoples world for the most part. Then you find out some kid is making $3 million dollars a year off his YouTube channel just taking raw video of himself playing some crazy video game.

Go figure!

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