I used to live in Spokane Washington where I owned a small Ristorante. I was foolish enough to have carpet installed when I did the initial renovations. Having it cleaned was a constant battle and as I always say “No way I would eat that”.( Or there if I was a customer LOL ) So I relied on one company and one company only to clean my precious carpets.

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When you decide to get your carpets professionally cleaned, you have the option of either steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Each method has its pros and cons and the method that is finally settled on will be a matter of agreement between the proper owner and the cleaning contractor.
Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the more popular of the two main carpet cleaning methods and it is easy to see why. When this method is used, hot water (boiled close to boiling point) is pressurized and injected into the carpet which will usually have been treated with a chemical compound. After that, the solution that has been injected into the carpet is vacuumed out of the carpet.
Steam cleaning is the preferred method for most cleaning companies mainly because of the reason that it makes it possible to thoroughly and adequately clean a carpet. The use of chemical reagents and hot water makes it possible not only to kill bacteria but also to liquefy all dirt and debris that could be embedded deep inside the carpet. This is the cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers and is also the preferred cleaning method for carpet care.

Even with its many benefits, steam cleaning has its drawbacks and probably the leading one is that when the cleaning is not done by a professional the carpet might take a substantial amount of time to get completely dry. In fact one of the reasons why it is not wise for a homeowner to perform steam cleaning as a DIY job is because of the risk of failing to get rid of the cleaning solution completely. Carpets that are not dried adequately become breeding grounds for mold. When steam cleaning is carried out by pros such as www.dependablecarpetcare.com, you can be sure that sophisticated equipment will be used to remove all the water and to ensure that the carpet dries in a very short period of time.
Dry cleaning
As the name suggests, dry cleaning does not make use of water. Instead, a cleaning agent that will usually contain a myriad of chemicals and special solvents is spread on the carpet and then a special machine is used to work the solution into the fibers of the carpet. After a brief period (usually less than 20 minutes), the carpet is vacuumed and can be walked on immediately.
The clearest advantage of dry cleaning is the time it saves. It is not only faster to perform but also enables for the immediate use of the carpets.
A leading disadvantage of dry cleaning is that unless it is performed by an experienced pro who understands dependable carpet care, it is possible that only the surface of the carpet will be cleaned and that the dirt and bacteria embedded within the carpet might fail to be removed. That is why you should only entrust your dry cleaning jobs to the competent pros at www.dependablecarpetcare.com.
Whether you choose steam or dry cleaning, you can be sure of dependable carpet care when you entrust your job to experienced professionals.